Call center quality management software for better customer service with Monet Quality

Watch call center quality management in action with Monet Quality and learn how to automate call quality assurance programs through a range of capabilities, such as call assessment and playback, quality monitoring, screen capturing, evaluation questionnaire and detailed reporting.

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Monet Quality for Comprehensive Quality Assurance in Contact Centers – Transcript

Easily score and evaluate agent calls to improve call quality, customer satisfaction and productivity

The fast-paced nature of contact centers makes it often difficult for call center managers to find the time and resources to focus on quality management. Monet Quality is a flexible and easy to use solution of our WFO suite to evaluate the performance of your agents and contact center. It gives managers and supervisors more time and resources to strategically focus on improving call quality, customer interaction and productivity.

Monet Quality allows you to score your agent recordings with customized scorecards. Call evaluation scorecards can be customized to focus on key agent behaviors and activities, allowing managers to identify positive agent activities as well as specific areas needing improvement. So, let's take a close look at how easy it is to use scorecards to monitor and improve quality:

To score a call, just click on the quality icon on the recordings screen. If the recorded call has already been scored, it will be indicated by this icon. After selecting the call, the scorecard page is being displayed. On the left, you will see META data about the interaction, such as date, time, direction, and more.

You can play back the recording by clicking on this icon - so you can listen to the recording as you score the interaction. If you would like to tag a portion of the call, you can do so here.

You can select a customized scorecard, and then grade the recording while listening. You can add additional comments to any answer if you wish, at any time, you can save, update the scores, and reset the scorecard. It allows you to select interactions from the contact center for later assessment and playback. Managers can review the call together with the agent, highlighting actual examples from the call to illustrate key learning points.

Scoring and quality data can also be viewed and analyzed through customizable reporting. A number of preset reports are built in so you can see global scoring data and drill down on specifics.

Quality monitoring is more effective as part of an integrated workforce optimization solution

Since Monet Quality is fully integrated with Monet's Workforce Optimization Suite, the scoring data can also be used to rank agents or to improve skill based scheduling with the workforce Management solution.

We hope this short demonstration of Monet Quality has shown you, how contact center managers are able to spend more time on individual coaching and training, rather than spending time manually managing and discovering training needs.

Thank you for taking the time to watch this video.

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