Agent and Supervisor Collaboration

Efficient communication and collaboration between agents and supervisors

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Monet AnyWhere for efficient agent and supervisor communication

Fast, real-time and effective communication between agents and supervisors is important for managing schedule adherence and exception planning. Monet AnyWhere provides an efficient way for supervisors and agents to communicate through Web-enabled self-service applications. Agents are empowered to be more directly involved in the scheduling process by entering exceptions or bids and viewing their schedules at any time.

Improved motivation through employee empowerment

Agents feel more respected and connected by allowing them direct access to their schedules, and make it easier for them to volunteer for un-staffed shifts.

More efficient communication and processes

Supervisors simply approve or decline agent requests with immediate results. This saves time usually wasted by supervisors manually updating data from email or verbal requests.

More accountability across the whole organization

Monet AnyWhere tracks all requests, whether approved or declined. Agents can be monitored and inconsistent behavior such as turning up sick after their vacation days are declined. Supervisors can be held responsible for approved changes that left the center understaffed.

Easier and faster management of schedule changes

Agents can use Monet AnyWhere to request changes to their schedule. These requests immediately alert the agent's supervisor, who can review the impact of the change and approve or decline the request. If approved, the change immediately affects the schedule. Supervisors can also request schedule changes for agents.

Higher flexibility through shift bidding

Monet AnyWhere will present unfilled shifts to qualified agents on which to bid, allowing them to volunteer for shifts normally outside their desired working hours. Supervisors can review bids made for a shift and select the agent they wish to assign.

Better decision through comprehensive reports

Supervisors save time spent manually entering agent requests and have access to key reports to make faster and better decisions. Supervisors can review agent schedules, approve or decline agent exceptions, schedule bids, and view critical reports.

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These are just some of the real-world benefits experienced after implementing Monet WFM software.

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