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Monet Software announces Call Recording and Quality Management in the Cloud for Call Centers

Unified workforce optimization suite makes it easier for call centers to optimize agent performance, increase productivity and improve service levels and customer satisfaction.

Los Angeles, March 5, 2012 – Monet Software, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based Workforce Management, today announced the availability of Monet Record and Monet Quality, expanding its offering to a unified Workforce Optimization (WFO) suite. Now, call centers can easily and efficiently automate workforce management, call recording, quality management with one affordable solution, resulting in better utilization of resources, better cost management, increased compliance and improved service levels. Monet’s next generation WFO platform helps companies redefine the way they operate and establish a more proactive and flexible call center management through the addition of the following solutions:

Monet Record - Call Recording for Compliance & Quality Assurance
Monet Record provides an easy and affordable web-based solution to record, archive and retrieve customer interactions to better monitor call quality and gain more business insights. Call centers can improve their customer service while ensuring adherence to regulations & policies and easier resolution of transaction disputes and other service related issues.

Monet Quality - Quality Assurance to Boost Productivity and Service Quality
Monet Quality is a flexible and easy to use solution to evaluate the performance of contact center agents. It helps call centers improve agent effectiveness and optimize customer interactions through a range of capabilities, such as call assessment and playback, quality monitoring, call quality scoring, evaluation questionnaires and detailed reporting. Manager & supervisors get the insights and tools to strategically focus on improving call quality, customer interaction and productivity.

“Many call centers are still challenged with having the right number of agents, with the right skills while ensuring that calls are handled with a high degree of quality and in compliance with regulations and policies,” said Chuck Ciarlo, CEO of Monet Software, Inc. “By extending Monet WFM with call recording, and quality management we connect forecasting, scheduling, agent skills, call quality, and compliance into one solution to better meet customer needs and deliver more effective customer service.”

Monet Record and Monet Quality extend Monet’s leading Workforce Management solution to a fully integrated WFO suite that makes it easy and efficient for call centers to optimize operational efficiencies, employee satisfaction and overall customer experience

About Monet Software, Inc.
Monet Software is a global provider of workforce optimization software solutions for call centers. Monet’s cloud-based solution, Monet Live, is an affordable and easy to use call center optimization software solution which includes workforce management, call recording, quality management and screen capturing. Call centers will start improving service levels and reducing center costs without the upfront expenses and IT requirements of traditional workforce software. For more information about Monet Software, please go to or subscribe to our blogs about Workforce Management and Call Recording.

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