Schedule Adherence in Real-time for Call Centers

Easily monitor and record the schedule adherence of your agents in
real-time and take quick corrective action to improve performance

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Improve call center performance with real-time agent and schedule adherence

Schedule adherence is the degree to which agents stick to their schedules, measured as a percentage. Considering that staffing is the single biggest cost facing any call center – and that every minute counts when it comes to meeting customer service levels – it's easy to see why call center managers are putting an increasing emphasis on its improvement. Monet WFM Live makes is easy to continuously monitor and record the real-time status of agents in the call center to ensure that agents are available for calls, and take their lunch and breaks as per the schedule for that day. At any point in the day, a call center manager can compare planned agent activity to actual activities. At one glance, the manager can see the exact status of each agent in real time against the planned activity. In addition, Monet WFM Live Advanced Schedule Adherence allows the creation of custom states and rules to match the unique needs of the call center.

A manager can easily compare planned agent activity to actual activities throughout the day, and can see the real-time status of each agent against the planned activity. Intra-day management features provide real-time views of forecasted, actual, and predicted call volumes, handling times, and other key performance indicators. You get alerts when agents are out of adherence, enabling you to adjust schedules accordingly, begin live monitoring, or record calls for future training sessions. Here are some key capabilities:

  • Monitor agent status in real-time
  • Receive instant alerts for out-of-adherence states
  • To View agent exceptions in real-time and approve or deny them in five-minute increments
  • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators and trends to reforecast, reschedule, and adjust staffing
  • Track and compare forecasted and actual center statistics schedule overtime or time off during high and low call volume situations
  • Evaluate adherence and take action to improve performance
  • Create custom agent activity types and states to match your center's unique needs

To learn more about real-time schedule adherence and best practices, please watch a demo or download our “Strategies for improved schedule adherence” whitepaper.

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