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Learn how Monet Metrics provides a graphical dashboard for display and interpretation of key performance indicators (KPIs). Alerts can be configured to be sent by email to managers that are busy handling day to day operation of the center

Get Actionable Insights to Optimize Your Call Center Performance

How do you evaluate and improve the performance of your agents?


  • Make better and faster decisions through actionable intelligence
  • Move from reactive to proactive management to better meet your goals
  • Increase agent productivity and improve team motivation
  • Refocus supervisor's time from data collection to coaching, training and planning

The Monet Metrics Advantage

  • Affordable: Low monthly fee, minimal capital investment
  • Fast set up: Get started within 30 days, easy to learn and use
  • Complete functionality: Dashboards, real-time alerts for key KPI's such as agent adherence, service levels, labor costs and staffi ng
  • IT friendly: Secure and scalable, minimal IT management
  • Proven results: Improved service levels, increased productivity and compliance

Turn your call center performance goals into measurable results

Performance management is a critical part of managing call centers and is essential to help you align your people, processes and systems to your goals and objectives, such as customer satisfaction, cost control and revenue goals. Many call centers lack the means to measure and track their key performance indicators (KPI) necessary to improve forecasting, staffing, scheduling and adherence. Monet Metrics sets a new standard by transforming call center performance management from a reactive to a proactive approach. Scorecards, key performance indicators, real-time alerts, agent analytics, dashboards, and customizable reports deliver a constant stream of intelligence helping you take the right action to better meet your business goals now and in the future.

Easy Access to Agent Performance Analytics & Call Center Intelligence

The overwhelming majority of ongoing call center expenses are related to staffing, as much as 70% of the budget. Even slight improvements in agent productivity and motivation can have a big impact on performance and cost management of your contact center. Monet Metrics provides powerful tools to identify trends and potential issues that might have gone undetected, and delivers business insights to improve overall performance. With Monet Metrics you get key performance indicators right at your fingertips, anywhere and anytime.

Flexible dashboards and real-time alerts for better and faster decisions

Get easy access to a unified view of key performance metrics and quickly adjust center operations resulting in better decision making, better utilization of resources, better cost management, and improved service levels. Easily establish goals and benchmarks, and monitor key metrics that are critical for your call center performance:

Performance management dashboard screen
  • Adherence
  • Service levels
  • Answer and abandon metrics
  • Average handle time (AHT)
  • Average speed of answer (ASA)
  • Average talk time (ATT)
  • Forecast accuracy
  • Labor costs and staffing
  • Shrinkage and absenteeism

Monet Metric's real-time alerts provide critical performance data at any time and allow you to quickly adjust parameters such as forecast, schedules and staffing, or automatically trigger other events.

Drive collaborative decisions for improved agent motivation and performance

call center metrics dashboard screen

Monet Metrics makes it easy for the whole organization, from agents and supervisors to management, to actively participate in the process of improving call center performance. Benchmarking allows you to set realistic goals and align all levels of the company, positively change the state of mind of the employees and top level managers, and create a culture of accountability and self-motivation. Managers have the ability to set up real-time alerts that can be automatically sent to supervisors for goals that are not being met. Motivate employees to self-manage their performance and take action with coaches and supervisors based on real data and performance KPI's that meet your business objectives.

Discover new ways to improve productivity, service quality and customer satisfaction

Monet Metrics automatically collects and presents real-time and historical performance data at the agent, group and center levels.. Key performance indicators, scheduling information and service level indicators can be distributed to call center employees through web-based consolidated reporting, giving them the information to do a better job. Free up time for supervisors and managers to focus on working with agents, coaching, training and planning, instead of collecting data – all resulting in better service to your customers.

Now, call centers can quickly and easily optimize all aspects of their workforce with one affordable solution, resulting in better utilization of resources, better cost management, and improved service levels.

Flexible and cost effective solution in the cloud

Monet Metrics is fully integrated with Monet's Workforce Optimization suite and delivers agent analyticsand scorecard capabilities to improve call center performance. Monet's call center management software is cloud-based and delivered as a service, avoiding a large upfront investment and painful hardware and software implementation. Monet's cloud-based WFO platform efficiently and securely delivers web-based applications at the lowest possible cost. It focuses on fast set up, low operating costs through shared services, highest security for web-based deployment, and high performance and scalability. With Monet Metrics you get all the benefits of Monet's WFO platform:

  • Affordable: Low monthly fee, minimal capital investment, no hidden costs
  • Fast set up: Get started within 30 days, easy to learn and use
  • Complete functionality: Dashboards, real-time alerts for key KPI's such as agent adherence, service levels, labor costs and staffing
  • IT friendly: Secure and cloud-based, minimal IT management
  • Proven results: Improved service levels, reduced costs and lower agent turnover

Monet Software will get you up and running fast, at a low monthly subscription and without the costly upfront investment and time consuming implementation of traditional call center software. For more information please call 1-310-207-6800, email us at or visit our website at

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