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Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce® is an affordable, easy-to-use, cloud-based, forecasting, and scheduling software solution designed for helpdesks using Salesforce Service Cloud™. Monet WFM helps improve service levels, gaining real-time visibility on agents’ status, and reduces costs in your helpdesk.

Just like call centers, helpdesks using Salesforce Service Cloud™ are in constant contact with customers and have to provide them with excellent service by managing a certain number of cases every day. Having the right number of agents, at the right time, doing the right thing, is a critical step in meeting these service levels and providing good customer service. Accurate and proper staffing is a critical aspect of a helpdesk’s strategy.

  • Seamless Integration: Interoperates with Salesforce Service Cloud™
  • Affordable: Low per user fee, minimal capital investment
  • Easy-to-install: Get started quickly, easy to learn and use
  • Fully Integrated Suite: Forecasting, scheduling, real-time adherence, intra-day management and reporting
  • IT-friendly: Secure and scalable, minimal IT management
  • Proven results: Improved service levels, increased productivity, reduced costs

However, helpdesks usually operate in the dark with very little visibility around general activities (average time per case, are agents adhering to their schedules, etc.). Even with great schedules in place, usually created with time consuming and error prone spreadsheets, managers can never really tell if their representatives are adhering to their schedules and how this will impact their service levels. This is because most WFM systems are only integrated to the ACD, not to the case management tool.

Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce® has been designed to fill in this gap and allows helpdesks to build accurate forecasts and optimal schedules by integrating to the Salesforce Service Cloud™ case management system. Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce® is cloud-based and delivered as a service, avoiding a large upfront investment, and painful implementation processes of new hardware, and software.

Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce®, features include:

Forecasting: Create and build accurate forecasts to calculate a precise plan for future caseloads, agent requirements, and average handle time for any time interval of the day, based on historical data from Salesforce Service Cloud™, your case management system.

Scheduling: Monet’s advanced scheduling engine incorporates all forecasted case work, voice channels, and other activities to generate staffing schedules that optimize a wide range of factors, including agent availability, work rules, holidays, breaks, service levels, and center budgets.

Intra-Day Management: Receive interval level updates to compare your forecast to the actual day, then calculate the difference. Take the information you need, when you need it to make the correct decision. Instantly react to those unexpected events, which affect your volumes and handle times, and require a change in your staffing levels.

Exception Planning: The integrated exception calendar simplifies scheduling of agent exceptions such as time off and one-time or recurring training meetings.

Real-Time Adherence: Compares planned agent activity to actual activities throughout the day. Provides the current scheduled activity, the actual agent status, and the duration of that status. Agent adherence is also indicated in real time for focused management.

Configuration and Administration: Build an unlimited number of center splits or agent groups, each with its own set of service levels objectives, and guidelines. Manage multiple sites and time zones. If desired, set hours of operation by day of week, and service level goals down to 15-minute intervals.

Performance Analysis: Easily report and analyze all agent activities including their schedule adherence and key performance indicators. Managers can review service level results, handle times, and other key KPIs.

Agent Visibility: Agents can check their schedules and key information such as adherence score without having to leave their Service Cloud console. Make it easy for your team to follow schedules, increase adherence and efficiency with minimal time spent.

Agent Functionality: Agents can receive alerts, request exceptions, swap shifts, and all other tasks within the service cloud console. No need to login to the WFM system anymore.  Help your agents manage their time by reducing the number of systems they need to use.

Seamless integration with Salesforce Service Cloud™

Monet Workforce Management for Salesforce® is fully integrated with Salesforce’s Service Cloud™ case management platform. Monet’s cloud-based platform efficiently and securely delivers helpdesk workforce management applications at the lowest possible cost. It focuses on fast set up, low operating costs, highest security for web-based deployment, high performance, and scalability.

Low per user fee, minimal capital investment, no hidden costs

Fast set up
Get started within 30 days, easy to learn, and use

Complete functionality
Workforce Management, Call Recording, Quality Assurance, and Performance Management

IT friendly
Secure and cloud-based, minimal IT management

Proven results
Improved service levels, increased productivity, and compliance

Monet Software will get you up and running fast, at a low subscription and without the costly upfront investment and time consuming implementation of traditional workforce management software. For more information please call 1-310-207-6800 or email us at info@monetsoftware.com

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Monet Software is a global provider of workforce optimization software solutions for contact centers. Monet’s cloud-based solution, Monet Live WFM, is an affordable and easy to use contact center optimization software solution, which includes workforce management, call recording, quality assurance and performance management. Contact centers will start improving service levels and reducing center costs without the upfront expenses and IT requirements of traditional workforce software.

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