Success Story: Avesis

This customer success stories summarizes why Avesis selected Monet Software.

“Monet has already paid for itself after a few months”
- Angela Waldron Director Operations

Avesis Increases Productivity and Reduces Costs with Monet Software


Avesis offers a full array of vision, dental and hearing care plans tailored to meet the needs of a diversified commercial healthcare employee benefits and Medicaid/Medicare market. Their product lines include stand-alone fully insured programs, ASO contracts, discount plans and turn-key, Private Label solutions. Avesis’ success can be attributed to a corporate culture of doing whatever it takes to meeting the needs of its client organizations and members. The company is committed to maintaining a high customer satisfaction rating by making sure clients get the very best ancillary benefits, services, performance and pricing available.

The opportunity and challenge

Avesis used a manual process with spreadsheet-based tools to forecast and schedule agents, an extremely time-consuming and often inaccurate solution. Their supervisors had to manually source and enter data from various sources into an Erlang C spreadsheet, taking up to 20 hours per week. If something changed or if they wanted to look at forecasts and schedules from a different perspective, they had to do it over again.

Forecasting and scheduling for 100 agents was tedious, and the supervisor couldn’t even include day-by-day variations in call volume, skill-based or exception based scheduling. The only thing they could do with spreadsheets was to create a monthly schedule without a day-by-day forecast. Breaks and lunches were static. Everything was ‘averaged out’ and periodically led to inaccurate forecasts and schedules, and unproductive time for the agents.

In addition, there was little adherence tracking in place; all they could do was look at the agent, look at the schedule and look at their time clock. This happened after the fact, so there was no way to make changes throughout the day.

As they grew their agent team to 100+ the pain reached a point where they realized they really needed a WFM solution. Their main goal was to automate the forecasting and scheduling process to deliver better service with fewer resources, while also getting better insights into daily contact center operations:

  • Increase agent productivity
  • Improve schedule adherence level
  • Service level attainment
  • Decrease agent available time (idle time)
  • Improve the accuracy of staffing projections (daily and yearly)
  • Reduce time to generate forecasts and schedules

Solution selection

Avesis conducted a thorough software selection process, including product demos and vendor comparison. During the selection process, Avesis reviewed traditional on-premise software packages as well as different web-based or cloud service companies. After careful consideration, they realized that the cloud-model had big advantages for their company:

  • No need to buy servers or other IT equipment
  • No need for IT resources to set up and operate the system
  • Affordable per user license model
  • Ease of use of the system
  • The ability to get new features without interruption or upgrade procedures


Within the first few months of implementing Monet WFM Live, Avesis realized significant improvements in call center operations:

  • Reduced the number of agents from 119 to 87 due to more accurate forecasting and scheduling
  • Reduced administrative time by supervisors to develop agent schedules by 50%. (20 hours per week)
  • Gained the ability to do skill based scheduling
  • For the first time, they were able to track adherence and improve productivity of agents
  • Tracking attendance was faster and more accurate. What took hours now takes 5 minutes with Monet

Return on investment

Avesis was able to implement the solution quickly and achieve an ROI that is unheard of when compared with traditional on-premise software. Monet’s cloud-computing model made this a low risk, high reward solution for Avesis.

“Due to the reduced number of staff needed and savings in salaries, overtime and administrative costs, Monet has already paid for itself after a few months.” said Angela Waldron, Director Operations, Avesis.

About Monet WFO Live

Monet Software is a global provider of workforce optimization software solutions for contact centers. Monet's cloud-based solution, Monet WFO Live, is an affordable and easy to use call center optimization software solution that includes workforce management, call recording, quality monitoring and performance management. Contact centers will start improving service levels and reducing center costs without the upfront expenses and IT requirements of traditional workforce software. For more information about Monet Software, please go to or subscribe to our blogs about Workforce Management and Call Recording.
  • Affordable: Low per user fee, minimal capital investment, no hidden costs
  • Fast set up: Get started within 30 days, easy to learn and use
  • Complete functionality: Workforce Management, Call Recording, Quality Assurance and Performance Management
  • IT friendly: Secure and cloud-­‐based, minimal IT management
  • Proven results: Improved service levels, increased productivity and compliance

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