Workforce optimization has never been easier

Get the benefits of a complete WFO solution to bring your team’s performance to the next level

Workforce optimization has never been easier

Get the benefi ts of a complete WFO solution to bring your team’s performance to the next level

Why use Monet’s consulting services?

Through our in-depth collaborative process our team will help you better understand desk-level activities, work complexity, value added versus non-value added steps and best practices. We will assess the effectiveness of your WFM, PM and QM model by evaluating first your business processes, performance standards and overall service and quality strategy. We will help you create world-class quality review forms that improve customer experience and integrate seamlessly into your PM tools, thus forming the closed-loop management system required to effectively run your business. You will gain confidence that your people are adhering to the preferred process and your system inputs accurately reflect this. Our expert team of consultants will work with your agents, supervisors and managers to make sure everyone understands the solution, is using it properly and that real value is being realized.

What you get with Monet’s consulting services?

Process Design and Improvement

  • Observations | Call Handling Analysis | Agent Comparison
  • Best Practice Definitions | Benchmark Analysis
  • Activity Summaries | Activity Details | Activity Element Analysis
  • Opportunity Identification, Quantification and Suggested Actions
  • Work Standards | Updated PM Model
  • Quality Form Review and Feedback
  • Evaluation of Coaching Techniques and Calibration
  • Staff Flexibility | Multi-Skilling Study | Cross-Functional Process Review
  • Queues Analysis and Design Feedback | Service Level Analysis
  • Self-Service Adoption and Customer Sentiment

Management Discipline

  • Intraday Reviews | Exception Management | Adherence Management
  • Forecasting and Scheduling Best Practices | Data Analysis and Insight
  • Reporting and Follow-Up Methodology Design
  • Evaluate Business Adoption of Newly Deployed Software
  • QM and PM Coaching, Training and Role Playing
  • Six-Week Course of Daily Diagnostics with Supervisors
  • Measurement and Reporting Against Baseline
  • Twice-Annual Health Checkup

Monet’s consulting services ensure that your WFO system is built on best practice processes and that your leaders are using it profi ciently.

A More Efficient Call Center in One Minute?

These are just some of the real-world benefits experienced after implementing Monet WFM software.

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