Scheduling Spreadsheets Are Not Really Free

The Real Costs of Spreadsheet Based Forecasting and Scheduling

Spreadsheet based forecasting and scheduling can cost you big time. Learn more about what you can do and can't do with spreadsheets and how it impacts the performance and costs of your call center

Spreadsheet based Forecasting and Scheduling Costs you Big Time!

Many small to medium size call centers still use spreadsheets to forecast and manage call center schedules and workforce planning, assuming that it is a sufficient tool for fewer agents. Quite to the contrary, it is more difficult to manage fewer agents in a small to medium size center, and here is why:

  • Behavior of individual agents have bigger impact on overall center performance;
  • Fewer agents need to multi-task, making skill-based scheduling more complex;
  • It is more difficult to correct the schedule once it has been upset by unexpected events.

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