Workforce Management in the Cloud

What is Cloud-based Workforce Management Software?

Overview of cloud-based workforce management software and how it compares with on-premise based software

Advantages of Cloud-based Workforce Management over On-Premise WFM

Today, as many companies have discovered, the Cloud-­‐based model of delivery has huge advantages over the traditional premise-based solution.

Cloud-based models use a new multi-tenant architecture that is designed to efficiently and securely deliver:

  • Web-based applications at the lowest possible cost
  • Fast set up, ease of use
  • Low operating costs through shared services
  • Highest security for web-based deployment
  • High performance and scalability through seamless scaling of computer resources, also called "cloud computing"

This approach ensures that all the necessary computing capacity is available for your WFM solution when you need it, including during your peak load times, at a very low cost.

The traditional on-premise model requires a large upfront investment in software, hardware, IT resources, time and money for installing, configuring and implementing the solution. In addition, maintaining and upgrading software, servers, back up data, etc. results in ongoing expenses that are often not accounted for.

The following section compares the two models in more detail and illustrates how the differences impact the cost, implementation, usage and success of the WFM solution in your organization:

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