Call Center Quality Assurance Just Got Easier

Seven Strategies for Effective Quality Assurance in Your Call Center

Every call center, regardless of size or type, shares similar performance goals: Increasing productivity, improving customer satisfaction, motivating employees to outstanding job performance, and compliance with all industry laws and regulations.

At a call center, proactive and continuous Quality Assurance sometimes gets lost in the everyday responsibilities of keeping up with call volume. However, the effort invested in quality management and assurance is crucial to current and future performance and productivity.

Quality Assurance, or QA, is the common thread that runs through each of these objectives. The Quality Assurance effort put forth by a call center has a direct impact on agent performance evaluation (through real-­‐time monitoring and call scoring), increasing staff productivity (through improved training and coaching), and establishing QA guidelines and goals designed to bolster customer satisfaction by providing consistent, reliable service.

What is Quality Assurance?

Quality Assurance refers to a proven process of establishing quality goals and verifying and checking the quality of a service, as well as the activities implemented so that quality requirements will be fulfilled.

The Challenges of QA

In a call center, there are specific challenges to the Quality Assurance process. The lack of common metrics and objectives can make the practice more complicated, and not all call centers have their systems connected and unified. There are potential barriers not only from the center's technology, but also from call center teams not being on the same page with determining quality standards and the optimal methods to achieve them.

Finally, many call centers lack a reliable means to measure and track quality, either via management action or software that provides automated data on policies and systemic activities implemented within a quality system.

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