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Watch this New Fun Video for Call Center Managers and Supervisors

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Trying to decide if your call center can continue to get by using spreadsheets? Then it’s time you met Mary. She’s a call center supervisor and the star of our newest video about workforce optimization.

Driven as all supervisors should be by achieving optimal customer service, Mary spends a lot of time reviewing daily call volume stats and working on schedule creation. She uses spreadsheets, as she’s done for years. But as technology has evolved, this method no longer fits her schedule or her objectives.

Enter workforce optimization (WFO) software. Now, tracking call history and volume is faster and easier, as is using that data to create forecasts and schedules. Plus, she can track adherence and performance, and with call recording she has a record of each customer encounter. That comes in handy for agent training, and to settle disputes.

One WFO solution – so many benefits. Watch Mary's story by clicking on the video above. Then, click on the link at the end of the video to view a more detailed demo of how WFO can make a difference at your call center.
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