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On-boarding Contact Center Agents for the Holiday Season

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Adding temporary agents is an annual tradition at many contact centers. This is a necessary step to handle increased call volume, but hiring and training qualified agents in a comparatively short period of time can be difficult.

Here’s an interesting article in Contact Professional that provides a 5-point checklist for hiring holiday help. Click on the link for more details, but here’s a quick summary:
  1. Use technology to shorten the learning curve, so new hires can progress from training to part-time to full-time in a few weeks. Software for call recording and quality management provide an efficient way to train, coach and improve skills of new hires.
  2. Route important calls to experienced agents, leaving new hires free to handle more basic transactions.
  3. Streamline the desktop solutions available to temps so they can find the functionality they need without any confusion.
  4. Adjust on the fly to situations generated by the increased customer volume, whether that means WFO changes or scheduling adjustments.
  5. Monitor the new hires, and keep those that excel on the payroll after January 1. If that is not possible, then at least stay in touch. Given the turnover rate to which no contact center is immune, having outstanding backups in place can be a huge advantage.

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