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It's Time to Answer the Call for Workforce Optimization

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Monet invites you to answer a call that will make your call center more efficient - check out our new video.

Discover the difference that comes with workforce optimization (WFO) in the cloud. We think it’s the right technology for a new era in call center and contact center efficiency, and one that will be embraced by your agents.

Your customers will love it as well – perhaps they won’t know exactly why their business is now handled so much faster, and if you told them it was “unified workforce optimization” it may not matter to them. But your managers, supervisors and agents will recognize the difference immediately – it’s so easy to use, and eliminates so many issues that occur every day by combining different solutions into one.

WFO also features workforce management and call recording, both essential for forecasting, scheduling and training. Plus you’ll find solutions for quality management and performance measurement, all delivered from the cloud, so you won’t be making a significant investment in hardware and software.

For small contact centers with just a few dozen agents, or major contact centers with hundreds of personnel working round the clock, workforce optimization is a vital component of a successful business.

So if you haven’t answered the call yet, check out the video, then click on the link at the end of the video to view a more detailed demo.
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