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Call Center Resolutions for 2014

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Have you made your New Year resolutions list for 2014?

While many resolutions rarely survive January, those that are specified for your contact center should last longer than that personal promise to lose 10 pounds. The changes you implement now can result in happier agents, more satisfied customers and a more efficient business throughout 2014 and beyond.

If you haven’t started your list yet, here are some areas to consider:

Forecast Accuracy
How accurate are your forecasts? Do you determine them through a simple workload percentage calculation, or are you drilling down to locate variations and intra-day numbers to better determine anticipated call volume? When the right number of agents are at their desks and can handle call volume without long wait times, customers are more likely to provide positive feedback.

Scheduling plays a critical role in the success of any contact center. Do you have a workforce management solution that makes the goal of optimal schedule adherence easier to achieve? Are you spending too much valuable time on schedules that could be devoted to other improvement areas?

Can you monitor schedule adherence in real time? What are the biggest challenges to more consistent adherence, and how can they be resolved through future forecasting and scheduling?

Call Quality
Are you recording and scoring calls? If not, why not? If you are, what criteria are in place to determine the quality of each customer encounter? Should these guidelines be reviewed, updated or improved?

Do you have access to key metrics in real-time? Which metrics are most important to measure, and which will have the greatest impact on the success of your business? Perhaps they will include average handle time, average speed of answer and average talk time, as well as metrics on abandoned calls, labor costs and forecast accuracy.

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