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Top 5 Call Recording Blog Posts of 2013

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Since so many news organizations and websites are doing “year-in-review” reflections, we’ve taken a look back at five of the most popular call recording blogs published on our site in 2013. If you missed them the first time around, here’s another chance to incorporate these valuable tips into your call center strategy.

1. Call Center Metrics Dashboard: The Top 9
An automated workforce management solution generates a wide range of important metrics to help call centers manage performance. These are the ones that should be on every manager’s priority list.

2. More Effective Call Center Quality Management – Seven Strategies
Setting quality assurance goals and meeting them are two different things. Here are some proven ideas for achieving your QA objectives.

3. Call Recording Guidelines for Call Centers
There are laws and restrictions governing recorded calls, from industry regulations to federal and state laws. Find out more about these regulations, and how call recordings can (and should) be used.

4. Quantitative and Qualitative Call Center Performance Metrics
What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative performance metrics, and how do they impact the customer service quality of your call center? This blog delves into that topic, as well as the tools that help to track this important data.

5. Do You Use Quality Scorecards in your Call Center?
Find out why call quality scoring is a significant component in quality management, and which elements of a customer call should be specified for review on a scorecard.

To learn even more, please check out our call recording and quality monitoring resource page for whitepapers and best practices.

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