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Three Steps to More Effective Quality Management

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If your contact center is already recording calls and monitoring calls, then you are two-thirds of the way toward an effective quality management program. Aligning these efforts toward specific performance goals will keep service from sagging.

The objective is to measure agent performance, and initiate changes in training or procedures as needed to boost customer service. Sounds easy, but some contact centers still struggle with their quality management strategies. Following these three steps should help your program achieve the desired results.

Step One: Ditch the ‘Random’ Approach

Random sampling sounds good – you assume you are getting a representative cross-section of customer calls when you create a list for review. But while it is certainly important to provide great service to every caller, there are some calls that are more important than others – these would include high-value customers, and/or those related to a specific promotion or upsell opportunity. So why not make it a point to score those for quality management? Desktop analytics software (available from Monet) can make it much easier to classify calls and find those that meet any pre-determined criteria. 

Step Two: Close the Loop

Quality management does not work as a standalone program. It should be part of a customer service cycle that ends with satisfied customers, and begins when agents are hired and trained. Think of quality as a proactive process that fuels every contact center action, and necessitates regular updates based on customer feedback. 

Step Three: Refresh Your Training Procedures 

Training is a vital component in agent performance, so regular training sessions should be a necessity, and should not be approached as an afterthought, or something to squeeze into brief respites of low call volume. Also, make sure training is supplemented with ongoing coaching that provides positive reinforcement and support. Even if you believe what you are doing now is working, there is always room for improvement. 

With Monet Quality Management it is possible to record not only the call itself but also score the call quality, capture the activity that took place on the agent's screen, and score 100% of these interactions, giving an accurate and comprehensive view of agent, team, and overall contact center performance. Only then, by connecting the dots, can you deliver great customer experiences.

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