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The Benefits of Hosted VOIP Call Recording Software

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When VOIP call recording was first introduced, it was utilized almost exclusively by the largest corporations and call centers. However, as technology has improved with the introduction of cloud-based solutions, and costs have decreased, VOIP recording software is now an affordable business application for call centers of every size. 

Why should a call center consider using hosted VOIP recording

  • Easy Installation: The addition of or transition to cloud-based VOIP call recording can be implemented quickly and easily, especially compared to the original installation of a PBX call recording solution.
  • Save Money: A VOIP recorder can save as much as 50% over a PBX recording system. Maintenance costs are also reduced, as any moves, adds or changes can be implemented without cable rewiring, punch downs or cross connects.
  • Centralized Deployment: With a VOIP recording deployment, the cost of adding remote sites is minimal. It’s a more efficient use of recording resources.
  • Scalability: VOIP recording software is easily scalable, unlike PBX systems that are limited by the installed servers.
  • Easy Maintenance: VOIP call recording is easily managed via point and click software.

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