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Practical information about call center recording software, call monitoring and quality assurance for contact centers

Quality Monitoring and Call Recording 101

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Call recording and quality monitoring go hand-in-hand. One without the other is helpful but for optimum results, a contact center must combine these solutions to meet customer service goals.

If you would like to learn more about call recording and quality assurance, please check out the following resources from Monet:

Why Call Recording is Essential for your Call Center
This whitepaper explores why every contact center needs a call recording solution to monitor quality of service, identify issues, improve customer interaction and bolster agent training.

Seven Strategies for Effective Quality Assurance in your Call Center
Quality assurance is one means to build the most efficient and cost-effective performance standards into day-to-day operations. This whitepaper lists seven ideas that can assist a call center with defining its Quality Assurance process

Monet Record – Call Recording and Monitoring
This brochure explains how Monet Record improves both call center productivity and customer satisfaction. Find out why this affordable and reliable solution has been utilized by contact centers of all sizes and types.

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