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Getting More from Quality Assurance Programs

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Quality assurance offers a way to turbo-charge the benefits of call recording and monitoring.

The objective is to measure agent performance, and initiate changes in training or procedures as needed to boost customer service. Standard call monitoring provides a great deal of insight that can help achieve these goals, but the best quality assurance programs add two more vital components – screen capturing and scorecards.

Screen Capturing
When call recording software is combined with screen capture recording, call center managers can discover even more about how their center is achieving best practices, and can further improve the quality and consistency of customer relations.

By capturing both synchronized voice and video of an agent’s customer interactions, managers can observe how agents are utilizing desktop applications, can reward outstanding performers, and create a library of successful customer encounters that can be used to train new agents and coach current staff on ways to improve their performance. Once these changes are put in place, the business should see a positive impact on such KPIs as average handle time and first call resolution.

Quality Scorecards
Rating agent performance with quality scorecards offers a number of benefits, from rewarding outstanding performers and identifying coaching needs to improving scheduling based on skills. Several scoring methods are available, one of the most common being the assignment of a grade for multiple parts of each call – greeting, call opening, vocal quality, courtesy, empathy, conflict resolution, etiquette and closing.

Review the results to determine which agents are doing well, which are missing key components of their customer interaction, and which need additional training.

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