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Five Benefits of Integrated Call Recording Software for Contact Centers

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Business technology solutions work best when they work together. The integration of call center recording software with workforce management (WFM) as a combined workforce optimization solution can result in seamless functionality that combines the convenience, efficiency and cost-saving benefits of both solutions in one unified software package. 

Why should you consider a unified call recording and WFM software for your contact center? Here are five of the most significant benefits. 

1. Simplify Agent Administration
Consolidate your user management activities through centralized administration. This saves time and reduces cost; also avoiding siloed user databases and redundant user/agent management. 

2. Better Performance
Better investigative capabilities and call center insights, metrics and alerts across multiple functions help make more informed and faster decision, resulting in optimized call center performance.

3. Data Sharing
Data collected by both, call recording software and WFM software, can be easily shared between supervisors, managers, trainers, analysts and even groups of agents. This way, everyone is always working from the same information, and can coordinate any necessary action without anyone individual or department being out of the loop. 

4. Cooperation for Better Service
One way to expedite improvements is to create cross-functional teams that can work together on such challenges as optimal scheduling and improving the quality of each customer call. When call center recording and WFM are in sync, informational silos are eliminated and customer service improves. 

5. Lower Costs
By using a unified solution of call recording and WFM software, a call center can lower some costs and eliminate others, such as the need for third-party integration. A call center can reduce overhead expenses by centralizing all administrative functions in a single source. 

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