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Cloud-Based Call Recording Software: A Three-Point Checklist

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Hosted call recording (or cloud-based) is becoming a more popular option, as call centers become more familiar with the advantages it offers in application deployment, lower upfront costs, scalability and accessibility of data both within and outside the call center. 

When you are considering a cloud-based or hosted call recording software solution, here are three important points that should help with the decision to purchase. 

1. Data Access
Recording is the primary objective – but easy data access and retrieval is equally important. The system should archive customer calls in a way that is logical, convenient, and compliant with any government or industry regulation on recorded calls. 

2. Metrics
With call recording software, a call center can take a more proactive approach to customer service, resource utilization, cost management and other factors that impact performance. This is possible through the metrics generated by the software. Make certain the cloud-based solution can provide everything a traditional solution can; in fact, the cloud-based format should allow for greater depth in metrics and actionable intelligence at no additional cost. 

3. Cost
In these challenging economic times, one of the most welcome advantages of a cloud-based solution is the lower costs incurred in its purchase and installation. But do not overlook any additional costs related to training, maintenance, support and upgrades.

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