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Call Recording: The Top 5 Benefits

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There are a number of reasons that call recording has become an essential element in a contact center. For any businesses that still haven’t added this capability to their company, here are the top five reasons why it should be done without further delay:

1. Improved Agent Performance
What better way to review how contact center agents are fulfilling their obligations than by reviewing actual calls with actual customers? 

2. Training
Recorded calls can be utilized to help new agents learn a call center’s best practices, or to review performance of the entire team at regularly scheduled performance reviews. Managers can evaluate efficiency, courtesy, conversational style, proper use of scripted or company-approved responses and other key components. At some point, agents should be able to review their own call records and self-evaluate, saving time for managers and coaches. 

3. Protection
Client disputes can be settled faster by accessing call center recordings to review the discrepancy. With an undisputed record of what was said by both parties, the contact center can avoid the cost and inconvenience of legal action that could arise when no proof is available.

4. Customer Service
By now, customers probably assume their calls are being recorded even when they are not. Most are not only fine with this, they prefer it, for the same reasons that benefit a contact center – knowing a record exists protects their rights and creates a confirmation of what the company says it will do. 

5. Customer Satisfaction
Call centers are often used for surveys on what customers like and what they don’t. But even in those contact centers that focus primarily on order placement, agents are bound to receive feedback on what the caller thinks about the company and its products, even when these opinions are not solicited. A call recording captures this data, delivering insight into consumer trends and product interest.

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