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Call recording and Screen Capturing: Together they’re Better

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The more you know about how contact center agents interact with customers, the easier it is to spot problematic patterns, identify what is working, and single out your best agents.

Call recording offers a wealth of data on agent performance, but this data is greatly enhanced when combined with a screen capture platform.

Now, you’re not just listening to agents, you’re watching them as they speak with customers and enter data into their computer. This is important as there are times when workflow issues can be traced to what agents are doing while they are on a call. Do they have sufficient knowledge of the call center’s CRM and desktop applications? Are they focused on their work?

The additional insight that can be gained from watching a customer interaction can be used to improve such vital metrics as call handling time and first call resolution.

Plus, when it’s time to train new agents, having archived audio/video recordings to show how the job should be performed will be invaluable. And for new hires, just knowing that screen capturing is in place will provide a powerful incentive to better performance.

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