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Practical information about call center recording software, call monitoring and quality assurance for contact centers

Best of Quality Monitoring in 2014

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Call recording with integrated quality monitoring offers a valuable reference tool for determining which agents are doing well, which are missing key components of their customer interaction, and which need additional training.

If you missed any of these 2014 posts about quality monitoring, here’s another chance to review them.

1. Five Reasons (Plus one) to use Screen Recording

Screen recording, which captures both audio and video of each agent’s desktop, isn’t as widely used as call recording alone – but more contact centers are discovering the efficiency improvements and quality monitoring benefits that can be derived from this technology.

2. Five Tips for More Effective Quality Monitoring
Contact center quality monitoring begins with establishing goals, then creating a plan for achieving them.

3. Five Tips to Boost Quality and Performance in your Contact Center
The objective of boosting contact center performance is an ongoing one. While you may have weekly or monthly meetings with agents and managers to explore what is working and what needs attention, these are issues that should be part of your focus every working day.

4. Quality Scorecards for Call Centers: How Do They Work?

Find out more about what makes an effective quality monitoring scorecard.

5. What is Quality Monitoring for Call Centers?
There are plenty of blogs and whitepapers delving into the benefits of quality monitoring and its challenges, but few seem interested in clarifying the term before diving into their talking points.

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