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Motivating Contact Center Agents

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Motivation can be a powerful tool that helps good call center agents become great. Companies have different philosophies on what works and what doesn’t when it comes to employee motivation, but here are a few tips that can produce positive results.  

It’s the most obvious, but also among the most effective motivation tools – reward good performance with a little something extra besides a weekly paycheck. It doesn’t have to be elaborate – perhaps an “Agent of the Week” designation that comes with a gift card for a local restaurant.

Work Environment
A call center that is bright and clean and inviting also provides motivation by simply being a more pleasant place in which to work.

The Tools for Success
An extension of the appealing work environment is supplying agents with the tools they need to succeed. These include call recording software to help them gauge their performance, and workforce management software that easily allows agents to swap shifts and provides flexible scheduling without impacting the overall center performance.

Some agents may view training as a necessary evil, but if these sessions are used to teach new skills, which may be critical as call centers evolve into contact centers, it provides motivation for the agent by adding variety to their daily obligations.

Encourage Feedback
Agents will feel more motivated if their ideas are taken seriously, and they feel like part of a team.
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