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Performance Management

Best Practices on using contact center metrics, reports, dashboard and key performance metrics (KPI) to optimize customer service

Contact Center Performance Webinar: You’re Invited!

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You've probably heard how Monet's cloud-based WFO can help gain more insights and improve the performance of your contact center. But have you taken the time to see Monet’s Performance Management in action?

Now is your chance: you are cordially invited to a free webinar on Thursday December 18, at 11am PST (2pm EST) entitled “How to gain more insights into the performance of your contact center.

Topics will include how visibility at the agent level can make a critical difference at your contact center, how it helps managers learn what is happening at any moment in real time, and how it helps agents to improve their performance. 

We’ll also cover the benefits of real-time data and alerts of key metrics and activities. These provide the insight to act quickly and make certain that adequate performance and service levels are always maintained. Automated data aggregation from different systems lets you view all of the key data on the same dashboard to make faster and better decisions.

We look forward to seeing you at this event.

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