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A Christmas Wish: Better Customer Experiences

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If your wish for the holidays is to provide a better customer service experience for your call center customers, congratulations – you have captured the spirit of the season. After all, it’s better to give than to receive, and this way you are giving your customers something they will appreciate all year long.

Of course, as this article on TMCnet observes, some customers have high expectations and are still accustomed to not having them met. What do they want from you? Here are three ideas you can implement for 2014 that will deliver on your Christmas wish:  

1. More Integration, Less Repetition
No one enjoys being asked for information they have already provided once. But that is a still standard practice at many call centers. A customer enters his account number or social security number to the IVR, then speaks to an agent who requests the same data.  Closer integration provides customer data to the agent so it does not have to be requested a second time. By eliminating this step, call centers also reduce average handle time, so it’s a benefit to them as well.

2. Call Backs
Would you rather wait on hold 15 minutes while listening to instrumental versions of Celine Dion’s greatest hits? Or would you prefer to have a call center save your number and call you back when you are next in line? Most customers would choose the latter.

3. Consistency
Consistency doesn’t just mean the same positive, stress-free experience each time a customer contacts a call center. It also refers to the same attention to detail and outstanding service whether that customer speaks to an agent, places an order through a website, or engages with the company via online chat. Make sure all communication channels are optimized for a customer experience that would earn rave reviews. Just as all communication channels and customer touch-points need to be optimized, you need ensure that the internal processes, such as forecasting, scheduling, adherence tracking, quality and performance management are aligned and optimized.

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