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How to Implement Desktop Analytics

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We have covered the benefits of desktop analytics in previous blogs; it’s one of the best ways to analyze how people, processes and technology work together. But what is the best way to implement a desktop analytics solution? 

If you have specific questions, contact us and we’ll talk you through the process. But if you’re not sure yet, two recent blogs provide a helpful primer on creating the right configuration to capture the necessary data.

The first lists these four tips: 

Start small, think big: In other words, walk before you run. Use the collected data to address specific issues, then step back for a big-picture look at the contact center’s more complex processes. 

Data first: Make sure the system is providing the right data, before using the system to translate that data into more detailed reports and dashboards. 

Involve IT: Include your IT personnel in the selection process, as well as the initial implementation. 

Focus on people, processes and technology: This one is self-explanatory, as it reiterates the three pillars of desktop analytics.

For a more detailed explanation of the actual implementation process, this blog provides a step-by-step method for gaining operational insight and identifying areas of improvement with desktop analytics. 

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