Easy ACD and PBX Integration

Monet makes integrating with your ACD system easy and fast through pre-built adaptors.

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Real-time adherence and call history through easy integration

Monet Integration, in conjunction with our built-in data import feature, will work with all major ACD or PBX phone systems, allowing the WFM software and ACD to talk to each other, in real time. Both real-time adherence and call history are easily enabled through integration with an ACD system.

Real-time adherence integration for improved service levels

Monitoring agent adherence in real-time is vital to workforce management functions such as forecasting, scheduling, and budgeting. Monet WFM continuously monitors and records the real-time status of the workforce showing those agents who are on the phone and those who are not, so quick corrective action can be taken to streamline workflow processes. Monet's adherence screens display when agents are available for calls and when they take their lunches and breaks, based on predetermined schedules. Some key capabilities are:

  • Monitor agent status in real-time
  • Monitor and analyze key performance indicators and trends to reforecast, reschedule, and adjust staffing levels
  • Track and compare forecasted and actual center statistics
  • Evaluate adherence and take action to improve performance

Work history data for better decision making

Monet Integration provides essential visibility into the data needed for effective decision-making through integration with an ACD or PBX. Analyses of agent work history data from ACD systems are used to calculate a precise forecast for future call volume, agent requirements and average handling time for any time interval of the day, based on service level goals. The ability to correctly forecast enables the creation of optimized schedules that balance service levels, costs and agent requirements to plan for the center's long-term staffing needs.

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A More Efficient Call Center in One Minute?

These are just some of the real-world benefits experienced after implementing Monet WFM software.

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